About Golden Paws Transport

Here at Golden Paws we are able to see your pets from the front of our vehicle (unlike many others out there, who are shut off from their passengers), as well as constantly monitor them on live High Definition video cameras, to ensure they are safe and comfortable throughout their journeys.

Safety & Security are paramount

We operate with strict safety and security procedures, including the double lead technique on all dogs whenever outside of their crates (one lead is attached directly to us and the other lead held by hand), we never open crates when the vehicle doors are open and only 1 dog is walked per person at a time (unless 2 of the dogs are travelling together at there owners request).

Our Golden Paws vehicle is fully serviced and maintained to the highest standards and is protected by full UK and European breakdown cover.

We are a family of animal lovers through and through with many years of experience between us. 

Your pet is our guest and we will treat them as one of our own throughout their journeys with us.

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